Lot Trades are always listed
here. They are also posted in
the Mail Room
Channel 97 is off the air for now.  We do not know when, or if, it will be back. For
now the bulletin boards, our email service, and this web site will be your best sources
of announcements.  We will do our best to keep you informed. New and time sensitive
notices will be on the Timber Valley home page, but please check the SKP News Page,
Upcoming Events, and Calendar page. Help spread the word. If you have an
announcement that should go on 97 fill out a media form in the office and it will then be
distributed to the editors of the web site  and the news letter. To use the E-mail service
send a brief E-mail to timbervalleymessages@gmail.com. It will then be forwarded to
all on the roster.
If you have not sent in your email address to be included on that
roster NOW is the perfect time!

For information and submissions regarding
this website please contact
Webmaster, Helaine, 541 520 1649 or
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Password Rules Change

Yahoo has decreed new rules
covering passwords for our
Members Only page.
First: Don't Panic.
Old pass words will work until they
have been changed.

New passwords must contain at

  • one capital letter
  • one lower case letter
  • one symbol (%@#*&)
  • one number
  • be at least six characters

New passwords will follow this

  • Capital letters=TV
  • lower case=skp
  • The number symbol= #
  • Then lot number   ex = 789
It will look like this sample.
You are free to chose a different
password if you wish, Just email
the website with instructions.

This has no effect on user names.
Your last name is your user name.
To contact Timber Valley SKP Park of Oregon
Address: 800 S. State Street, Sutherlin OR 97479
Phone:541 459 4465
Email SKPtimbr@rosenet.net
Office Manager: Barbara Davis
Finding something that fits just right can be a challenge but with 13
committees to choose from you are sure to find some that fit you and
make good use of your skills and experiences  It is time to chose
what committee fits you best. Be prepared with your choices and
sign up for your favorites at the annual meeting, July 22nd.
Activity Committee ( Jack’s & Jill’s) Plan and implement activities for the benefit of all members
and visitors. Every leaseholder is automatically a member of this committee. It meets the first Monday of
every month at 1 pm in the clubhouse

Audit Committee: This committee is Board appointed. Leaseholders, particularly those with
accounting or business backgrounds are encouraged to submit short resume for consideration by the

Budget Committee: reviews income and expenses and plans the budget for the next fiscal year.
The budget determines the maintenance fees charged to each leaseholder

By-Laws Committee: studies and deliberates the By-Laws as well as the Rules & Regulations to
insure clarity, legality, and relevancy. It works at the request of the Board of Directors. Leaseholders are
asked to vote for approval or rejection  of any changes

Communication Committee:  Goal, to inform Timber Valley members of park activities and
business in an efficient and timely manner using newsletters, bulletin boards, hand outs, email,  and
brochures.  Open to all but computer skill are especially appreciated

Election Committee: This committee helps secure candidates for open Board positions. They
prepare the election packets and tally the votes. They oversee the registration and voting at the Annual
meeting in July

Grievance Committee: The goal is to consider the complaints and have confidential talks with all
parties involved The goal is to help resolve the situation by respectful and peaceful means

Landscape committee: Maintain and replace plants around the park as needed. In large part the
beauty of Timber Valley is provided by these volunteers.

Lot Improvement Committee: Requests from leaseholders wanting to make improvements to
their lot are studied and if the plans are within Lot Improvement Guidelines and adhere to park rules
approval will be given.

Membership Committee.  The Welcome Wagon of Timber Valley. They meet with new members, go
through their membership packet and answer all of their questions and make our new members as
comfortable as they can.

Mail Committee: The purpose of the committee is to sort and distribute mail on Saturdays thru-out
the year and other dates as needed.

Planning, Construction & Maintenance, (PCM Committee) This committee determines
future projects to be conducted for the maintenance of the park. The cost of projects will be determined
and submitted to the board. The committee decides if employees and/or volunteers can complete a
project or it should be given to an outside contactor.

Sound Crew  Help distribute and maintain the microphones and equipment when needed at events
The Sunday ice cream socials are back

3 pm in the clubhouse
50 cents a scoop
Bring your bowl and spoon
Please, Do not use the ice cream bar money for laundry  change. The Quarters are
there for the ice cream bar buyers. When there are no quarters left people cannot
get the change due them when they buy a .75 cone with a $1 bill.
No Change!   No Sale!    

800 S. State Street,Sutherlin, Oregon 97479
Liaisons will be calling for committee
meetings soon after the Annual Meeting.
Dates and times will be listed here.
Lot 39 now up for trade until
7/25/14 at 9:30am