Escapee-Co-op Park

There were several things to consider when it came time to choose the location that would be our home for
our retirement years. When we decided on Timber Valley it was because of many factors.

First, it is in the beautiful north west with its four definite seasons and mild weather.
Just a mile off of the I-5 freeway in a small town but still close to major shopping.
We would be in a community of like minded people.

The most critical determination was financial. The membership was to cost us about ten thousand dollars
and the yearly maintenance fees would be somewhere around one thousand. There would be
assessments from time to time, usually for repaving of a street or the addition of a major improvement. &
while those figures seemed quite reasonable what convinced us was the money paid for the membership
plus the assessments would be paid back to us when we gave up our membership & that money could be
our start up money in a different living arrangement or maybe money for our heirs.
We have had our lease in Timber Valley for 15 years now. Monthly we marvel at all our home here offers us.
In our previous life and a more conventional home north of Seattle, our yearly water, garbage, and sewer
bill was more than our present maintenance fee. And we still had the property tax,  electric, and natural gas
to pay. In Timber Valley water, garbage,and sewer are paid by our maintenance fee.  Even our share of the
property taxes are covered.  We still have to pay electric and propane but together they are less than half
our old electric bill.
Living in Timber Valley is very affordable and makes our limited income go further. And it is a comfort to
know that if the time comes that we must leave Timber Valley there is a nice protected nest egg waiting for
What a good choice we made.
By Helaine Hepworth

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